Friday, June 28, 2013

6-24-13 - Jordon

Alright, opposite to last week, I have lots of news this week.
Transfers. Elder Spaulding and I went to tansfers wearing matching ties. Remind you of anything?
I did leave Tempe Zone. Elder Spaulding left as well. He went to Yuma to be district leader there. As for me, I now reside in the.............(drum roll).............. San Tan Zone. And so, that means that I will now be in the Arizona Gilbert Mission. The split officially occurs on the first of July. President Howes goes home then as well, and my new mission president will be President Nattress.
My new companion is Elder Macfarlane. Remember him? He was Elder Harder's companion while I was with Elder Niederhauser. Maybe a picture with help.
Also, apparently this transfer will only be a three week transfer. I don't know why. But, as part of that, I believe that they will be shortening my mission by three weeks; in addition to the week we lost from the 5 week transfer we had. So new expected departure date: September 2, 2014. I'll keep you posted.
My new mailing address is:
195 W. Brangus Way
San Tan Valley, AZ 85143
I'm not sure where the new mission office will be. I hope they tell us soon.
The new area is, well, not so great. We currently only have one person really progressing from a pool of about, I think, 7 investigators. This is going to be a challenge, I can tell. But, the Lord sent me here for a reason, and I'm going to find that out, and do what I'm here to do. 
As for the area itself, it's HUGE!  We share the ward with a companionship of sisters, so the ward boundaries are shared between the two companionships. That's a plus. It's the Queen Creek Spanish ward if you'd like to look it up. But, even with the boundaries cut in half, my area is super big. Bigger than my area in Gilbert was, I think.
There is a noticible difference between this area and the other areas I've had. There are times when I I can look to either side of the road and see open landscape..
 I had the opportunity to ride on a dirt road the other day. It was fun.
A few interesting pictures.
I fixed the 2 videos on Terra (remote Hard Drive here in the house), and added a new one featuring a paper craft that DJ sent me last week. It's quite cool.
 Here's some [other] pictures.
The "Super Nintendo" Vehicle

Tempe companions - hiking the mountains
Well, That's it for today. Next week I will officially be in the new mission. Also, I realized something--In two days we will have been on the mission for 9 months. It's just speeding along. Pretty soon, I'll be back in your presence, once again. Until next week.
Con Amor,
-Elder Jordon Hill-

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