Friday, June 28, 2013

6/10/13 - Jordon

Well, this week has been a bit of an adventure. This week we had two exchanges; one on Wednesday with Elders Pontius and Choate (District Leader and his companion), the other on Friday with Elders P√©rez and Gathro (Assistants to the President). These exchanges have helped me to see a couple things that needed improvement within myself. Primarily, my ability to teach and testify. In all that we do as missionaries, it's important to remember to testify at every opportunity. I often forget this step, or at least, to use the words "I know..." or "I testify...". I'm getting better though.
Elder Spaulding and I are starting to see a little progression in our area. Yay! We've found a few new people to teach (people who appear a bit more interested), and they're keeping commitments, for the most part. Our attendance at church appears to be rising, as well. We've realized that a major part of our mistake was that we weren't extending a baptismal invite on the first lesson (or on any of the lessons, actually). Once we realized this, we've been making sure to extend dates to all of our investigators. Any who don't show promise with this are being left for another time. Those who accept, or who aren't sure we continue to help out. This really helps to sort out the prepared from the not. We're also making some progress with working with the ward members. We found out that the majority of our Ward Council don't really know what their function is in the council. We (Missionaries and Bishop) are making steps to help them in this. We should hopefully start seeing some baptisms soon.
Notes about my discussion with "Doctor" Elder Spaulding
I'm doing fine. We had talked about a large variety of subjects, including: What makes me happy, the reasoning behind my obedience, and a bit about goal setting, and more.
In our discussion, I came to a realization that I don't really keep an up to date "report" about how I'm feeling. I've explained in the past that I tend to hide my feelings, including from myself. I think this comes from this "of date report". I realize that there are things that aren't the most pleasent that I need to do everyday, but I'm pressing forward. My thoughts aren't what's making me unhappy really. I think I might have just been in an unpleasent mood that morning. I'm not really fond of exchanges, and I just got off one with the Zone Leaders the night before.
It's sad to hear about Grandpa.  But, I know he's on his way to a better place, and we'll see him again one day.
Mudkip's done (Jordon has been doing paper crafts to help with the stress)
 It was a tad difficult without having instructions about how to put it together, but I got it done. It was a little front heavy, so I taped a couple paperclips inside the back leg. Now it stands fine.
Guess what came in the mail on Tuesday? The TV-B-Gone from Becky.  It works, too. I bring it with me to the gym each morning to be able to turn off the TVs. This past week I've been in the process of making a protective case for it.  Now I'm mking a Cap to cover the LEDs for storage. I've been tempted to use it to cause a bit of mischief (at Wal-mart today for example), but I've been keeping out of trouble. Look out world, here I come!  (Becky thinking: What have I done?)
File Zilla is working now, so I've put some of the videos I've taken onto Terra. I don't know anything more about where they are stored. You'll have to go looking for them.
That's all for this week.
Con Amor,
-Elder Jordon Hill-

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