Monday, June 3, 2013

6-3-13 DJ

Hola Everyone!

Well, this week was tough. For most of the week we had appointments fall through and the baptisms we were hoping for this last week didn´t happen either. The family we started teaching needs to get married and none of our investigators were about to make it to church yesterday. :.( 
We prayed for a miracle on Saturday night. On Sunday, one of the members brought their cousin with them. We met with her after church, and she wants to get baptized! Talk about a miracle and an answer to a prayer if there ever was one! Her big concern was she wanted to wait until she wouldn´t make errors before being baptized. We assured her that we would help her prepare and that the gospel is for imperfect people like all of us are. The Spirit was so strong she started crying from how strong it was. I Love Miracles. And we just had to keep at it and never doubt our faith.

That´s about it for this week. Nos Vemos!
-Elder DJ Hill

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