Monday, June 3, 2013

6-3-13 Jordon

Well, this week, I feel that we've made some progress. We're trying to use the pamphlets to find and teach, and are encountering some differences than before. Last night, for example, we taught a lesson to a lady named María. We taught the Message of the Restoration, and I think it went well. We did our best to keep things simple, and explained more for points when she was confused. We even managed to involve her 7 year old daughter by talking about the pictures and inviting her to read. (She doesn't read very fast yet and had a bit of trouble with some of the bigger words, but I think she was having fun. :) As we continued to teach the daughter would continure reading on her own. Toward the end of the lesson, we invited María to be baptized, and she said something interesting. The first response she had was "I'm not prepared." (translated from Spanish) It wasn't "I don't want to." It wasn't "I can't." It was ""I'm not prepared." I think we may have some potential here.

In more personal news: Saturday, Elder Spaulding and I stayed in practically until 4 pm because we were delving deep into my psyche. This was spawned by certain events that happened the day before. The opening question was "Elder Hill, are you happy in the mission?" My response, in essence, was in the negative. We pretty much went through a whole slew of topics, including: what brings me happiness, why I'm here on a mission, what is the reasoning for my obedience, and other things to help me to do the work. It's alright, you don't need to worry too much about me now. I'm doing alright.  I realize that this perhaps might have been a misuse of time, but I feel it was needed.
The meds appear to be working fine. I've settled in at 30 mg. in the morning. I may get distracted from time to time, but I usually can pull myself back to fucus in a few moments.  Initially, the doctor did give me the XR, but the insurance company didn't want to pay for that.
My campanion is great. He's funny, smart, and apparently makes a decent psychologist. He always has a joke to tell or has a constant smile on his face. We get along well, and our teaching is in unity.
As for the camera: no, I don't need a new SD Card - yet. You're right in the fact that I'm not sending home all the pictures I take, but, de verdad [actually], my camera still reads that I have 9999 pictures left. A 16 gig sd card will do that.
Aside from all this, there isn't really much to tell. Recently, (like 3 or 4 weeks ago) I started memorizing the Family Proclamation. I have it down, pretty much, now. I'm going to pass it off to President Howes at the next transfer meeting.
That's all for this week. I enjoy hearing from you all each week.
until next week.
Con Amor,
-Elder Jordon Hill- ^_^

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