Monday, April 14, 2014

4/14/14 - Jordon

Well, this week has been kinda interesting; primarily the later half of the week.
We've learned a more fun way to teach the Plan of Salvation to kids (or most of it, anyway). You tell them a story about them.:
One day when you were at home (Heaven), your parents (Heavenly Father) said it was time to go to school (Earth). So, you left for school (Earth), and while there you learned and took tests and solved problems. The story continues with a huge rain storm causing two massive rivers to form blocking your way back. We need bridges. Thankfully a guy named Chris(t) comes along. He's a master builder. He offers to build us the bridges we need to cross the rivers. He builds the first bridge for free granting us passage over the first river (Death). He says, however, that we need to do something for us to get the second bridge over the second river (Sin). He says if we can show [not give] him five gold coins (Faith in Jesus Christ, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost, Endure to the End), he'll give us the second bridge. So, we need to find these before we can go home. Once we find them, we show them to Chris(t), and he gives us the second bridge over the second river (Sin), allowing us to return home again (to live with our Father in Heaven). 
On Thursday we had another lesson with Kolter, the nine year-old I mentioned last week. This one was a lot of fun. We told him the story above and he really liked it. He understood everything we were trying to teach him, and he didn't have any questions. We're going to finish up the Plan of Salvation with him tomorrow. I think he's really enjoying this.
We got a new investigator this past weekend. He's another 9 year-old kid. We seem to be finding alot of those. This one, however, has an active parent, so we don't have that issue this time. I mentioned this family last week. They are all hard of hearing. So, the lesson was quite interesting. We contacted the ASL Missionaries and they came down for the lesson. It was us, the ASL elders (four missionaries in total), and their family there. This is not a very good situation for those who have ADD/ADHD (myself and my companion respectively) because we'd speak, the ASL elders would sign what we say, and we would see movement out of the corner of our eyes, and be distracted. I will admit, though, that part of my distraction was that when I wasn't speeking, I was trying to watch the ASL elders and see what I could pick out. But, we got through it. We're gonna go back this week to check understanding, and see if they really need the ASL elders. They might just be reading lips. More to come.
Saturday was much fun. We started the day by helping set up for the Gilbert Global Village Festival. One of those events where people can go around and learn about different companies and places, including different religions (ours was one of them, of course). I love doing thing like this. We basically helped direct where the vendors need to go, and helped them get set up. I felt like I should have had a clip board.
After that we got to go help with Special Olympics. I that was a lot of fun. It's interesting the reaction I get sometimes when make a lot of noise. I can be loud when I want to. And cheering on those athletes was a perfect time to do so. I love doing service.
Last night I got caught under a falling tree. Story time. We went to go visit one of our less actives and when we got there, we saw that a tree had fallen on their car and they were trying to get it out. It might be more accurate to say that the tree was leaning against the car as there was hardly any damage. So, to help out, I got under the tree and lifted on one of the branches we managed to get the tree off the car enough to back it out. As for me, I got out from under the tree enough that I only got a couple scrapes on my arm and a small cut on the back of my neck. I'm fine. I love the Lord's timing.
Speaking of the Lord's timing, on our way to the library this morning, there was a car stalled in the middle of the road. So we stopped to help get them into the church parking lot, for she was stopped right in front of it. Guess what...She hardly spoke any English. However, she spoke Spanish fluently. Good thing we had a Spanish missionary with us. hehe.  I love knowing Spanish.
That's it for today. Until next time.
Con amor,
-Elder Jordon Hill-

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