Tuesday, April 29, 2014

4/26/14 - DJ

Hola Everyone!

Well, this week has been normal overall. We've been prepping for the upcoming Transfer on Monday and President tells us that I'm getting transferred out of the offices then.  I don't know where I'm going or who my new companion is going to be, but this will be my last Saturday e-mail. Watch for the update on Monday. 
We also did a zone activity yesterday, We had a Free Car Wash! It was fun. We'd get people driving by to pull into the church parking lot and then wash their car. While the people waited, other missionaries who weren't washing would talk to them and introduce them to the Gospel. Several had tours of the church building during this time and wanted return visits from the missionaries. Overall it was a great success. Pictures to follow on Monday.(My camera was dead that day so I didn't get any, But there were several missionaries that said they would send me some so I would have them)
This is one someone sent him from the car wash.

Those are the headlines fro this week. Nos Vemos!
-Elder D Hill


Hola Everyone!

Well I'm officially not a secretary anymore. I'm now in my new area, Progresso National 2, with my new companion, Elder Rodriguez. To fill you in better, National 2 is still in the Lindavista Stake and actually isn't very far from Politecnico, just far enough to be the other Lindavista Zone (I told you that they split the zone a few months ago right?) But there was a stake meeting yesterday and I got to meet the Bishop of my new ward. He seems pretty cool. My companion I don't know that well. every time I had met him before he seemed really quiet. but everyone who knows him tells me he's a hard worker and that we will be great together. 

Unfortunately I forgot the USB drive that has the Car wash photos.. so here are a few others instead:
me with the Bishops family from Politecnico (old area)

The Office Crew (Secretaries & Assistants) having Costras 
(Costras: flour tortilla, meat Al Pastor, Cheese = Really Good!)
Mutant M&M next to regular one. (yes they have M&Ms here, but they are expensive)

That's all for now. Until next Monday!

-Elder D Hill

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